Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've joined "Let's Stitch"

While I was reading Teejay's blog, The Passion of my Needle, I learned that BeckySC was starting a new blogging group called, "Let's Stitch". She kindly let me join. She formed the group to get stitchers together to encourage each other to finish their WIPs and UFOs. She's hosting a weekly SAL where everyone works on their pieces on a certain day and time and we are encouraged to post the piece we are working on and then again after we have stitched to show our progress. The world of blogging is brand new to me and I have been overwhelmed by the talent that's out there. So overwhelmed that I tend to be a lurker on most of these blogs. This seems like a very friendly way to start meeting other stitchers. There is only one downside to this whole thing. Once you see what others are working on, you want to run out and purchase the patterns so you can make it yourself, thereby increasing your already large stash pile!

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