Saturday, December 22, 2012

A few things to show before Christmas

Aren't internet friends the best? I've met a couple of people on-line and I've actually gotten to know them a bit. One of the best things is how generous they are. Look what Chris from Tot Hill Farm Stitches sent me.

She does great work! It's a great ornament and it's all one over stitching. I'm always impressed with that since I don't have as much patience with it, but it's a joy to behold! The funny thing is, I sent her this year's origami ornament and I swear these ornaments waved at each other at the post office - great minds think alike! Thanks so much, Chris!

Here is the haul from all my ornament exchanges this year. Every year, crafters impress me with their imagination and skills. This photo does not do them justice. Each one is amazing!

Last year, my origami tree was a 2 foot tall feather tree with miniature ornaments. Some of my origami ornaments this year are much bigger and looked rather silly on a 2 foot tall tree. I decided to "branch" out this year, and I'm really pleased with the results. I've even got some extra ornaments boxed up and ready to be given out to any unexpected friends that might drop by.

Here's a close up of the inside of the vase. It looks like cranes are falling and settling at the bottom. Love!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I hope you are all surrounded by those you love and those that love you. When the daily news weighs heavy on my heart, I count the reasons why life is a celebration. Everyday is a gift.

Heidi (aka heidistitches)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The last ornament exchange for 2012

Here's the last ornament exchange I did for 2012. This one was origami stars. I also included a surprise bonus ornament based on some ornaments I did a couple of years ago.

It's been a good year for these ornament exchanges. I'm still waiting on a few more to arrive. Once I have received them, I'll take photos and share my new treasures with you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinterest...more than just wasting time!

I found this idea on Pinterest and used it for my annual gifts to neighbors and co-workers. Such a clever, simple (and very quick) idea. Inside are homemade Cinnamon Pecans. I posted the recipe here. They are so tasty and REALLY easy to make.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

More ornament exchanges

Here's an exchange ornament that will be winging it's way to New York on Monday. My partner for this exchange mention that she decorates her tree with mostly bird ornaments. I found this little robin in the October 2012 issue of CrossStitcher magazine. He just took a couple of evenings to whip up. I'm pleased with how he looks.

 All packaged up and ready to go.

This other ornament has already left for New Jersey. It's a takeoff on some ornaments I did last year. The silver, black and blue makes for quite the dramatic ornament!

Winter Wonderland

I've got one more exchange that I'm working on. This one will be origami and I'm also including a little bonus ornament for this group. It has to be mailed by Dec. 15. The closer I get to mailing them, I'll show you what I've done.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I felt like I was on top of my holiday to-do list and now I feel like time is running out...oh well!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Little Houses all dressed up as ornaments

So, here's my ornaments for this exchange, all packaged up. They flew the coop last week and should pretty much be arriving at all their new homes! I realized after I packaged them that I forgot to take a picture of them just in their hoops. Luckily, I had taken an "in progress" photo, so I cropped it down to show the 10 houses. I hope everyone that receives a little house enjoys hanging it on their tree this year.

(It's a REALLY BAD photo, but it's the only one I had with all 10 ornaments together!) 

The packaging.

The cardstock color matched the color of the house.