Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on my ABCs and new Pendants

Here's the latest update on my ABCs. This is what I did just this past weekend. It's such an easy stitch and I'm hoping to be finished within the next two weeks.

and the back...

I haven't stitched on it this week because I've been running out of pendants and I needed to make more. So, every night when I get home, I get my guys fed, change into my pj's and I've been making these.

The photo does not do this one justice. It's just beautiful and I'm thinking about keeping it for myself! But, I'll probably just make another one to give away.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Star Ornament Swap

I'm taking a quick break from my ABCs. I signed up for a star ornament swap on swap-bot so I wanted to get them done as quickly as possible. We have to do two ornaments using a star theme. I did one in a vibrant red and the other in an icy blue. While it's the same design, doing them in different colors gives them each a unique look. I hope whoever gets them will like them. They were fun to make. I also like framing them just off-center to give them a "different" look.

A close up of the stars. I used beads for the center.

And, of course, here are the backs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

French Knots vs. Sead Beads

I've been working away on my ABCs and I'm really enjoying stitching this piece. This piece has quite a few French knots and somewhere along the way, I've lost my ability to make them. The trouble is keeping them all consistent. I like them nice and uniform and I'm having trouble with them. So, I cut them all out and I'm using seed beads instead. It's a nice change and it does give the piece a nice little sparkle.

I forgot to include a backside photo. I'll remember to do it on my next update!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Working on my ABCs

I started a project this weekend and I thought I'd show you what I've done so far. I'm still in my "use what you have" mood, and I've got several kits that have been just gathering dust. This one was given to me by a dear friend that lives in the U.K. We've never met (in person), but she's one of my closest and dearest friends. We worked for the same company until she left work to have a baby. We've been chatting on the phone, emailing and sending each other surprise packages for the last 4-5 years...and we've never met (I can't emphasize this enough). She's the one I tell my troubles to and the first one (after my hubby) that I tell all my happy news to as well. Our biggest fantasy is to one day actually meet, without husbands and kids, just because we know we will talk, craft and shop until we are blue in the face and we don't want to feel guilty about ignoring them. It will happen. Once I set a goal, I always achieve it. I'm very patient and methodical (it's a good methodical, not a "psycho" methodical!) when it comes to getting what I want (it's the whole affirmation attitude that I walk around with!). Okay, I could talk about her all day...onto what this post is all about!

And of course, the back.

It's really a great stitch and I'm amazed at how quickly I'm getting through it. I started this Saturday afternoon and after working on it last night, I then took these pictures.