Thursday, June 4, 2009

ATC Swap

Last night I finished my ATC (Artist Trading Card) for my swap partner. I really wanted to incorporate my love of cross stitch into my design and I used a quote that summed up my feelings about stitching. "All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle." (Ellen Wheaton, 1851) Isn't that statement so true? When you stitch, it gives you that moment to pause from your hectic life. I always feel calmer after I've done some stitching. I even stitched right on the paper (it turned out to be easier than I thought!).

Watercolor paper, using a wash of colors for the background

Orange DMC floss used on heart

Swap-bot: ATC's for Beginners & Newbies
Title of ATC: Why I Stitch, June 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi, this is Paul's cousin JoAnn from Idaho. I just spoke to him on the phone while he was at my parents house. He said he was taking lots of pics, and I asked him if you guys were going to blog about his trip, and he gave me your blog address. :)

I love your work, I didn't know you were so into cross-stitching. You do beautiful work.

Well, as I have a blog too, and I'm online a lot, I wanted to say hi, and look at your work. Hope to come over here more. :)


heidistitches said...

JoAnn, email me at and I'll hook you up with my facebook and private Marsden family blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi!
I am also a swap-bot member, that is how I found your blog :) and I belong to the Granting Wishes group as well.
I love your cross stitch! You are SO talented! I hope one day I can cross stitch the way you do :)
I look forward to "seeing" you around swap-bot and maybe one of these days we will be partners in a swap, you never know!
Have a great weekend.