Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Creative Color Challenge - Complementary

The theme was "Blooming." You had to create something using complementary (as opposed to complimentary - look them up, I had to) colors. My color choices were blue and orange. I was going to figure out something to cross stitch, but then I started thinking about making something practical, something that you could use everyday, not just hang on a wall. I hope my partner likes what I created. I was really pleased with the results.
After I came up with the idea, I started by creating this:

Once I had the basic concept, I started creating my blooms.

Then I created the "practical" blooms. Blooms that my partner could use everyday. Yes, magnets!
And then I wanted the sun to really shine, so I made part of it into a necklace!
Here it is attached to the card. I must confess at this point, I used the wrong craft punch when I rounded that corner (not paying attention). It became a clever mistake since I was able to do this with it:
So, here is the completed piece that I sent off to my swap partner today. I really hope she likes it.

And, as always, here's what the back looks like.

I used the paperclips to keep the magnets in place, however they still moved around quite a bit. What I didn't take a picture of was that I ended up using clear packing tape to anchor everything down so hopefully it will survive shipping.

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Wagapapa said...

What a nice present!