Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I think I need to re-title my blog.

I hope everyone is having a nice July 4th. Today was the perfect day to write something on my neglected blog. Too much work, too much reading and not enough time to do the crafting I love so much.

As you all know, besides cross stitching, I am completely obsessed with origami. I recently got to go to this exhibit in downtown Los Angeles at the Japanese American National Museum. It was amazing and made me realize what an amateur I am at origami, but inspiring none the less. So, practice, practice, practice is what I do to perfect my folding skills. There is always a piece of paper around so I can fold anywhere.

One of my girlfriends was born on December 24. I've always considered it kind of sucky that it falls right before Christmas so about a year after we met, I started celebrating her birthday on July 24 since I don't really ever get to see her on her real birthday. I call it her half-birthday celebration. One of the things she collects is elephants and the elephants' trunks have to be in the "up" position. She considers that to be good luck. I was going to fold an elephant for her as one of her gifts but I wasn't happy with any of the designs out there. Then inspiration struck.

Here is my pseudo-origami elephant gift for her this year...

I love it. I now think I need one for myself as well. I'm now looking at paper cutting projects since it was so simple to do (after about 3 failed attempts). She happened to be with me when I bought the paper and kept talking about how pretty the red paper was so that kind of sealed the deal on what paper to use.

I'm still cross stitching, just not very much or very often. I'm always in awe of what everyone else is working on out in blogland. While I don't comment often, I check on your sites at least once a week.

Happy 4th! Happy Cross Stitching! Happy Folding!


Chris said...

Hey Heidi!
Great to see an update from you. I was wondering where you have been.
The origami exhibit sounds amazing.It is such a precise craft. i have made a thousand cranes but that is about it.
I have been trying to stitch a lot but don't get much done during the week. Now it is so hot it is harder for me to settle down to stitch too.
The elephant is amazing. I love the way you celebrate your friends birthday.
Have you decided what you are making for your ornament exchange this year?
I hope that the rest of your summer is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You such pretty work with all that you do. I've been crocheting a lot, but then put that down for a bit and I'm working on a cross stitch project now. I like to read a lot too, and found that the more I read, the less crafts I do. So I've started listening to audio books while I do crafts. My library has a pretty good selection of fiction books that I can get their CD or download them from online. It's an easy way to work on crafts and 'read' at the same time, my two favorite things. :)


Anonymous said...

yay! an update!

And i love that elephant!! :)