Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally hanging up my pieces!

I don't have a large house, and luckily, most of the walls in my house have windows in them. So, I don't have much wall space to hang pictures. My MIL is an artist (I'll have to do a separate post on her work someday), so most of our walls are covered with her work. I've been wanting to hang my framed cross stitch pieces but there has never been a "good" place to hang them up. I decided to hang them in my entry way and just make that wall my "cross stitch wall." We have one of those houses where the front door hardly ever gets used (I know you're not friend or family if you go to the front door!). Everyone comes in the back door by the garage. This space is hardly used and no direct light (it's pretty much in darkness 24/7), so I can use this space and not worry about sun damage either. So, here's the start of my cross stitching wall.

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