Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Umbrella Trees

These umbrella trees were in Martha's magazine last year. I always thought they were cute, so I came up with my version. I still need to figure out something to put around them. Martha used fake snow but with a cat in the house, I think it would be too tempting for her to play in. This little tablescape is sitting in my entry way.

I ran out of ribbon, so I need to buy more and finish the bow on the tree in front.

(FYI, the picture hanging on the wall is a watercolor of the church we were married in. It was done by my MIL.)

The umbrella trees at night. I have used battery-operated LED lights. It looks a bit pink in the picture because the threads that hold the umbrella together are all red. A very fortunate accident.


JCS said...

Very cute and creative

VerHoef 5-J's said...

Heidi those umbrella's are as cute..I can't believe you made them