Friday, February 6, 2009

Cross Stitch projects

I've been waiting for some special thread to arrive for another swap I'm participating in, so while I was waiting, I used up some scrap cloth and did a couple of pieces. I really like them and think I'll do some other motifs in different colors. For anyone that's interested, send me an email and we can always swap for one of these or for anything else I've made (snowflake, crane, heart). These are larger (4 inch hoops) than the normal size ornaments I do (3 inch hoops). They would be cute hanging in someone's craft area.

Part of my blog is supposed to always show the back of my work. I've gotten away from that, so I'm trying to remember to start showing the backs again. Here you go.
I'm curious about your opinion on the backing. I like covering the back with a nice piece of felt. I feel it gives it a more finished look. I've seen others just leave the stitching exposed. What do you think? Do you like a finished back? Or do you like seeing the stitching?


CherryTreeLane said...

Heidi--I LOVE the umbrella one! SO cute! I actually prefer the backing left open. It feels more authentic to me--you can see all your work! ;) They look great!

Michelle said...

Hi Heidi, I love the umbrella, Perhaps you can do a full weather range of them!! I like the work left open, I think it is very interesting to see how things are worked.

If you've not heard we've had a lot of snow in the UK and now rain is forecast so can I put an order in for the umbrella - we are going to need it.

Michelle x

Candice said...

Hey, I DO have a cleaning lady (well two who come once a week) and I still don't have enough time to stitch!

My blog:


Emily said...

Your ornaments are just lovely. :)

Sherry said...

I love this umbrella and the swan!!! Did I read right that these are your designs? Love them!