Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More playing around with small motifs

Before the threads came for Cherry Hill, I was playing around again with creating my own designs. I had so much fun with the last umbrella I did, I quickly charted a couple of other umbrella layouts (it's an easy design to figure out). I did two in red and then tried one in a varigated blue. Loved the red ones, hated the blue one and threw it away (do cross stitchers really throw things away? Yes!). Here are the two red ones.
Here's the first design:

And here's the second:

Both of these are on their way to two people who have no idea they are about to receive them. I hope they can find a little space in their craft areas to hang them up and I hope they enjoy them.

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Jennifer said...

wow! I'm super impressed and extremely envious! The back looks as good as the front does. I tried cross stitch once and the back was spaghetti. I can cook up a gourmet meal with one arm behind my back but I am no good at the crafty stuff. Boo hoo---