Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club (SBBC)

I just packaged up my partner's birthday presents that I will be mailing off tomorrow. I've been collecting things for this exchange ever since I received my partner's information. I've really enjoyed doing this and I hope I get to participate next year! This is my last exchange for awhile since I want to get some personal stitching finished. Edgar is our host for this exchange and he does the most amazing cross stitch. He posts daily during the week and I look forward to reading about his latest projects and the movies he watches - it's very entertaining. If you haven't checked him out, I encourage you to do it.

Well, here's a photo of everything wrapped up and ready to send. I know by the time it arrives, all the pretty bows will be smashed, so I wanted to have a picture of it while it's still really pretty! Once my partner receives it, I'll post some pictures of the main present (I didn't take photos of all the other goodies I included).

I really hope she likes everything!

How gorgeous is that ribbon?! I wish you could feel how smooth and silky it is. It's hot pink dots with a black background. It's a 50 yard roll that I scored at Costco for $1.97! That's right! They were having a close out on all of their ribbon and I bought 8 rolls of difference patterns and textures and colors, all 50 yards each, and all for $1.97 a roll. I very rarely score great deals - this has to be the best one ever.


tangerinedream73 said...

I just received my birthday box and I am speechless. You truly made my week! Everything is just perfect. I love the piece that you stitched for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish that I could tell you in person how much this means to me. Hugs! I will take a pic tomorrow and show all of these lovelies on my blog.


Cornflower said...

Wow! Your packaging is just beautiful - I love that ribbon!