Saturday, December 10, 2011

This year's mantel


As I was going through all my Christmas decorations, I realized that I have a fondness for trees so I thought I would gather them all together and place them on the mantel this year. I love the way it looks! My dark's not all of them. I probably have twenty more that I just couldn't fit on the mantel. What does this mean?? I need a bigger mantel! (only joking)

So, here is this year's Christmas mantel. The stockings were all made by my husband's mother and I adore them.

Now, these pics show the mantel during the day. Scroll down to see what it looks like at night.

It's really beautiful and peaceful to look at when it's lit up.


Chris said...

The mantle looks amazing. I really like the way you have it lit.

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Auntie Alice sews beautifully.

Glad you had fun on my site. Thanks for stopping by.