Monday, June 16, 2008

OC Fair Entry

This Friday is the due date to turn in projects for the Orange County Fair. The Fair runs from July 11 - August 3 in Costa Mesa, CA. I tried to submit two pieces this year hoping that since one was "scenic" and the other was "animals" they would let them both in. Unfortunately, they limit you to one piece only. When the Fair called to ask which piece I wanted to submit, I initially picked the giraffes.

I love this piece. Unless you know what you are looking at, it takes a minute to figure out that it's a mother and baby giraffe. It's based on the original artwork of Charley Harper. He was an incredible artist and I love all of his work. I've located more cross stitch patterns using his work that I hope to do in the future.

Anyway, when I got home and told the family that I could only pick one piece to enter at the Fair, they all like the lighthouses better.

So, the next day I had to call back and change my selection (since I was out-voted). This was a chart from a British magazine called Cross Stitch Crazy. It was quite fun to sew and went very quickly.

You will notice that I don't have pictures of the backs of these pieces. I'll be showing quite a few of my finished pieces without a backside picture. When I thought about showing the back, most of my work had already been framed. For any current and future work, I will definitely show the front and the back.

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