Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Son's Request...

My son has been watching me stitch since he was born, and recently he asked if I was working on anything for him. Here's what I ended up doing for him. I mounted this one myself in a white frame, it's about 3" x 5".

The other piece I did for him was one of his drawings. The original was done on legal-size paper and hangs in my office. I took the original and reduced it and then embroidered it on aida cloth using red floss. I did it freehand, I did not transfer the image onto the fabric. He tells me that it is a fire-breathing dragon and a man is standing in front of him with a torch.

And here it is framed. I have blocked his name on these pictures.

Hopefully when he grows up he will appreciate these (at least I hope his future wife does).

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