Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A quick stitch

When you buy UK craft magazines, they almost always have a free gift included. The cross stitch magazines usually have a free cross stitch kit. Here's a sample of the kits I have received. When I want to do a quick stitch, I pull one of them out and do it.
This doesn't even include other gifts like scissor holders, thread cutters, thread holders, diaries, calendars, magnifiers, etc. It's always fun to see what's included. If you look closely, you will see that I have numbered the kits. They correspond to the magazine they came with because the chart you need is in that issue.
Here's one of the kits I did after finishing Crew's sampler.
It's a little card, about 3" x 3". No picture of the back of this one. The one I took was way too blurry to actually save.
I've started another large project (which I'll talk about in another post) and to give myself a break from it, I opened another one of the free kits to work on.
And here's the back.

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